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In accordance with FINA Rule C 15.2.1, all Members of FINA are hereby invited to attend the FINA GENERAL CONGRESS to be held on 5 June 2021 in Doha, Qatar. 

The exact location and start time of the FINA GENERAL CONGRESS will be communicated at a later stage. Please find below the milestones document.



1. Verification of quorum;

2. Address by the FINA President;

3. Appointment of scrutineers;

4. Approval of the agenda;

5. Report of the FINA Bureau on its activities during the time since the previous General Congress (2019) presented by the FINA President;

6. Financial report of the FINA Honorary Treasurer;

7. Report of the FINA Audit Committee and FINA External Auditor;

8. Approval of the budget;

9. Motions, applications and proposals for alteration of or addition to the FINA Rules (Constitution, General Rules, Code of Ethics, Facilities Rules, Medical Rules and Doping Control Rules);

10. Release of responsibility and liability of the FINA President and other FINA Bureau Members from 8 August 2021;

11. Elections (FINA Rule C 15.10.10), being specified that the newly elected persons shall take office at the conclusion of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2021, i.e. on 8 August 2021 (by analogy with FINA Rule C 17.4):

  o FINA President (FINA Rules C 17.5. and C 17.5.1);

  o FINA Bureau members (FINA Rules C 17.5, C 17.5.2 and C 17.5.3)

  o FINA other Officers, i.e. five Vice Presidents (FINA Rules C 17.6 and C 17.6.1), the First Vice President (FINA Rules C 17.6 and C 17.6.2), the Second Vice President (FINA Rules C 17.6 and C 17.6.3), and the Treasurer (FINA Rules C 17.6 and C 17.6.4); and,

  o if applicable, Honorary positions (FINA Rule C 15.8).

12. Election of the FINA Ethics Panel;

13. Election of the FINA Audit Committee members;

14. Other business for which notice has been given;

15. Closing speech and adjournment.

Simultaneous translation will be provided in English, French, and Spanish.